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Welcome to our company’s website!

At the dawn of our company’s history, we formulated a number of key maxims which we still follow.

We value our reputation and therefore provide our services properly, promptly and in good faith. We respect our partners and customers as it helps ensure healthy and successful business relationships.

A tailored approach to dealing with each customer is the cornerstone of what we do.

We take seriously all tasks, even those seeming too simple, and are always considerate and friendly towards our customers so that they enjoy and benefit from cooperation with us.

Our efforts are aimed at establishing partnership relations and strengthening long-term ties. When solving difficult issues, we are guided both by theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained by our employees and partners over the time that our company has existed. It is this experience and our customers that our company considers as top priorities.

Best regards, Dmitry Ilyichev
General Director of Eurotehmontag LLC



ООО «Лэм Уэстон Белая Дача» в лице Нач. ПТО Желатаева Е.С. выражает благодарность ООО «Евротехмонтаж» за большой вклад в реализацию инвестиционных проектов 2019г., обеспечение качественного т оперативного выполнениия работ на объектах ОО «Лэм Уэстон Белая Дача»

Большое спасибо за отличную работу!

Letter of Thanks

Компания Procter & Gamble - Novomoskovsk в лице руководства проектного отдела завода по производству порошков, выражает огромную благодарность компании "ETM" за проявленный профессионализм при проведении монтажных работ в цехе приготовления СМС и сдачу оборудования в срок, поддерживая при этом высокое качество монтажа.

Благодарственное письмо


Качество проектирования, изготовления, монтажа технологического оборудования, трубопроводов, насосов, площадок обслуживания соответствует международным стандартам. Специалисты ООО "Евротехмонтаж" ответственны, дисциплинированны, являются профессионалами своего дела в самом высоком смысле.

Благодарственное письмо


Филиал ООО "БУНГЕ СНГ" в Колодезном выражает благодарность руководителю проекта ООО "Евротехмонтаж" за высокий уровень организации работ по охране труда

Благодарственное письмо

ООО "Пивоваренная компания "Балтика" - "Тульский пивзавод"

Полученный опыт совместной работы позволяет нам рекомендовать ООО "Евротехмонтаж" как квалифицированного и надежного партнёра. Выражаем благодарность компании и надеемся на дальнейшее сотрудничество.

Благодарственное письмо


Филиал ООО "БУНГЕ СНГ" в Колодезном выражает благодарность электрогазосварщику проекта ООО "Евротехмонтаж" за высокий уровень организации работ по охране труда

Благодарственное письмо

ООО "ЛКМ Групп"

ООО "Евротехмонтаж" зарекомендовала себя как стабильная и профессиональная монтажная компания, грамотно организующая свою деятельность

Благодарственное письмо

The goal of our company is to support the growth of industrial production in Russia by introducing and adopting innovative technologies.

Eurotehmontag – We are building the future

We are a rapidly growing engineering company. With more than 9 years in industrial engineering, we provide our services and deliver complex projects to customers from various sectors. Our company is trusted by global leaders operating in Russia’s food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries.

With many years of experience and a highly qualified staff, Eurotehmontag LLC carries out both individual tasks and end-to-end projects in 4 federal districts:

Central FD Northwest FD Southern FD Volga FD

We are running and constantly improving our quality management system which meets both Russian and international standards such as GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), GOST R 54934-2012 (OHSAS 18001:2007) and GOST R 14001-2007 (ISO 14001:2004).

Our ISO 9001 certification is proof to our customers that they are contracting a reliable company which employs advanced European technologies, operates modern equipment and is staffed by highly-skilled professionals. By complying with ISO 14000, we guarantee that our products and installation services remain reliable, effective and environmentally harmless. Our occupational health and safety management systems implemented under OHSAS 18000 help decrease emergency and incident risks.

Coupled with modern technologies for manufacturing custom-built equipment and steel structures, the company’s extensive expertise allows for conducting any welding and mounting operations and retrofits, no matter how complex they are.

Evrotekhmontazh LLC is running joint projects with EnviroChemie, Klockner, Paktek, Mashek, Tetra Pak, Alfa Laval, AIR Products and other companies from Western Europe. Providing a wide range of end-to-end services, from site preparation and retrofits to commissioning, we adhere to top European standards, tailor each project to customers’ needs, and put our vast expertise to practice.

With the experience acquired over years and a large staff of skilled employees, we can provide various services and act as a general contractor to supervise technical aspects. Additionally, our customers can be sure that all basic tasks will be completed with minimal involvement from third-party contractors.

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