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Installation of process pipelines

Installation of process and utility pipelines is one of the main stages in construction, reconstruction and modernization of production systems in various industries. Mounting process pipelines is a complicated task, which is only done by highly experienced professionals. Eurotehmontag LLC carries out all mounting operations in full compliance with the existing standards.

We have all permits required by law and are ready to install the items manufactured from such materials as polymers and various steels. Our company has sufficient technical capacities (all of which are duly documented) for mounting any categories of pipelines. Operating on the engineering market, our staff have acquired a great deal of expertise in pipeline installation at facilities considered highly hazardous.

The installation process consists of several stages

Design and measurements
Development of specifications for main and auxiliary equipment
Welding and mounting operations
Laboratory tests

At each stage, we provide our customers with qualified technical support. With concerted efforts of our team, you are sure to receive the desired result – a seamlessly working pipeline system

Installation of process pipelines | Eurotehmontag (ETM) services

  We can weld pipes made of various steel grades and varying in diameter (6 to 1,400 mm with 1.2 to 20 mm thick walls). For that purpose, we use three welding technologies:

  • Manual argon arc welding
  • Orbital welding
  • Manual arc welding.
   We weld pipelines that can transport media with temperatures ranging from -198°С to +650°С. Our company also owns modern European equipment for welding polymer pipes. In our operations, we employ both socket and butt welding techniques. The pipes we can weld range from 6 to 250 mm in diameter and from 2 to 40 mm in wall thickness.

  After mounting the pipelines, we perform all kinds of trials required by the applicable regulations, including laboratory tests.

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Our company also provides the following services:

Pipework insulation Pipework insulation
Hydraulic tests Hydraulic tests
Technical inspection of pipelines, laboratory tests Technical inspection of pipelines, laboratory tests
Mechanical testing of welds Mechanical testing of welds


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