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Installation of production equipment

Alongside installation of equipment at production facilities, our skilled employees also carry out necessary handling operations. For this purpose, we use reliable and advanced machinery capable of dealing with the most complicated tasks.

The installation process consists of several stages

Detailed review and analysis of all documents provided by the equipment supplier
Checking the design documents for compatibility with those provided by the designer of the relevant facility
Bringing the supplier’s documents into line with applicable regulations
Incoming inspections of supplied equipment in cooperation with the customer’s representative
Development of specifications for missing items required for the supplied equipment (consumables, flanges, fittings, control and stop valves, control and measurement instruments). Once the specifications are ready, an order is placed for the necessary items to be delivered to the customer’s address
Installation of main and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the drawings provided by the supplier. The relevant supervision is provided either on-site or via videoconferencing, with an interpreter if needed
Acceptance of installation services in accordance with the schedule agreed by both parties and approved by the equipment supplier
Commissioning and comprehensive tests of the equipment and the process line
Transfer of all documents required for operation of the equipment to the customer.
Installation of production equipment | Eurotehmontag (ETM) services

Our company delivers high-quality installation services, and we owe our success to:

  • Long experience and high qualification
  • Application and constant implementation of latest technologies and solutions
  • Regular quality checks.

All operations related to installation of sophisticated equipment are conducted in compliance with applicable requirements and guidelines, including:

  • Project plan agreed with, or approved by, the customer
  • Applicable construction standards
  • Specifications issued by state supervision authorities.

  Equipment installation is a complex process which requires proper coordination.

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